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Enables opening a document using a Creately Document ID. The caller can use this to load the document into Creately editor. The call will return as a XML which contains the URL that loads the diagram in Creately. Note that you can just use Direct Links to achieve this, but it is recommended you use this method for following reasons

  1. If there are any permission or document related issues in opening a document by the given user, it can be identified by a error code. If a direct link is used, the user will see the error message if any.
  2. In case the direct link URL's change in future, this API will provide the correct direct link as current.


Request Details

Supported Authentication CT and SA
API Permissions This API call will not require any permissions to function
User Permissions The user who will be editing the diagram will require edit permissions to the diagram. This means the user needs to either own or be collaborating on the diagram.

Request Parameters

Parameter Description Required Default Value
action Must contain the value "opendoc". Will indicate that this is a Document Open action. Mandatory N/A
docid The unique identifier of the document. Is not required if the file parameter is present. Mandatory N/A
redirect This parameter indicates if the response should be a HTTP Redirect to the diagram or a XML. Set to false if you want a receive a XML response Optional true
returnxml A boolean value indicating "true" or "false". Specifies if response should be a XML. Response will be sent in a XML if the value is true. Response will be sent in a serial string if the value is false. Note that this parameter is only valid if the redirect parameter is false. Optional true

NOTE: Parameters required by the authentication method must be provided. See what parameters are required in Authentication


Response Details

Type XML
Content Will provide a URL to the Creately Editor to open the specific Document

Response Parameters

Tag Description
success Indicates if the request was successfully processed. May have true or false
link-to-document A URL that can be used to load the Creately document in the Creately Editor
errorcode Will be available if the success parameter was false. Will contain a valid API Error code. Valid error codes are listed in API Error Codes
message Will be available if the success parameter was false. Will contain a string message for the error


Refer to Errors related to Document API calls in the Error Codes
Possible Errors for Open Document call are: 1107, 1201, 1305, 1401, 1402, 1403


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