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Access to the API

First of all you will need access to the API. The Creately API can be accessed through one of the following methods.

Creately User Account

Yes, you can simply use your Creately user account to access the API. If you are not already a Creately user get a free account right away! Using your Creately account credentials you can use the API methods to manage your account and account data.


For this method you will need to obtain an API Key and a Secret Key from Creately to access the API. This method will allow you to access and manage your data and the data of your users. If you wish to obtain a API Key please mail us on In your mail tell us.

  • Why do you need a API Key access for the Creately API?
  • How do you intend to use the Creately API?


Any technology/language that supports simple HTTPS POST request and XML parsing can be used to make use of the API. The current API documentation will not provide any technology specific examples or code snippets.

Understanding the Basics

Go through the General API Usage Guidelines page to get an understanding of how the Creately API Requests and Responses are done.

Authenticating the API

Every API method requires you to be authenticated. Before you can access a API methods you will need to understand how to authenticate yourself to use the API. See full details about Authentication

Understanding Permissions

Every API call has some level of Permission limitation. Please fully understand all Permission limitations prior to start using the API

Ready to Roll

Now you can start accessing each API method as specified in Creately API Documentation

Suggested API Usage Flowchart

This flowchart shows one possible way of using the Creately API to create users and edit diagrams. Creately API Flowchart

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