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Creately diagrams can be embedded in web pages using our HTML5 viewer. This page explains your options in embedding your diagrams in different places.


Embed in Web Page

This section explains how you can embed the Creately Viewer in your web page. By simply copying in the below embed code you will be able to embed the Creately Viewer in any web page you like. Make sure to add in the correct parameter values to the below embed code to view your diagram.

<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript" src=""></script>
<div id="playerContainer"></div>
<script type="text/javascript">
	createlyPlayerStart( {
		container: "playerContainer",
		docid :"gcpic4lu",
		width :600,
		height :400,
		bgcolor :"#CCC",
		logo : 1,
		title : "Title for the Diagram"				
	 } );


Parameter Description Mandatory Default Value
docid The Creately Document ID. You can provide a valid Document ID to be opened in the Viewer. Note that the document needs to be public for this to work Yes N/A
container The id of a container (a div or table cell) to place the Creately Viewer. Yes N/A
width The width of the Viewer in pixels. Minimum allowed value is 320px No 600
height The height of the Viewer in pixels. Minimum allowed value is 200px No 400
bgcolor The background color of the Viewer. Needs to be RGB color code preceding a # sign No #EEEEEE
title The title of the Diagram that is being viewed in the Viewer No Creately Diagram
logo Indicator to show the Creately logo on the top right corner. Setting this to 0 will hide the logo No 1

Points to consider

- When editing the embed code parameters, make sure to add commas to separate the parameters. Make sure to not have a comma for the last parameter as shown above.

- When embedding more than one viewer on the same page, make sure to have different "container" id's for each embed code.

Embed in Google Sites

We have a google gadget for our HTML5 Viewer. You can search for this in the Google Gadget directory. This can be used to embed a Creately diagram into your google site page or any google application that supports gadgets.

Detailed instructions on how you can do this can be found here.

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